The Julian Draxler claims continue, and once again the three clubs linked are Arsenal, PSG and Juventus. All three have been linked by the German media since Draxler once again said he’s keen on leaving Wolfsburg as soon as possible.

Wolfsburg are now also keen on getting rid of Draxler as the whole drama threatens to push the club deeper into misery. The German reports continually reference Arsenal, PSG and Juve.

Arsene Wenger has been repeatedly linked with Draxler, but the more recent reporting has been slanted towards historical Arsenal interest, with an assumption Wenger would return. Last week German newspaper Bild did their best to talk up Arsenal as being ‘second in line’ for Draxler behind PSG, but their reasoning didn’t stretch to more than Mesut Ozil being his friend and the pair holidaying together during the summer.

Le Parisien waded into the situation on Wednesday, talking up PSG interest and naming two other clubs. Guess who? Oui, Arsenal and Juventus.

Sport Bild also had a say in their edition today, and yes that say was that Arsenal, Juventus and PSG had been interested.

On Tuesday afternoon comes RMC, and guess which clubs they mention? Torino, Stoke City and Augsburg.

No, only kidding. PSG, Arsenal and Juventus.

RMC take things further and say PSG have opened talks with Draxler’s agent and would offer around €30m. Arsenal’s potential offer is put at €35m, similar to what was weakly speculated in Germany and then carried by the English media.

It’s stated in the article that Ozil would try and convince his friend to make the move. It’s likely he wouldn’t need to do much convincing, Draxler would surely jump at Arsenal, or Juventus, or PSG.

In a tweet linking the article, RMC’s Mohamed Bouhafsi said Arsenal are in discussions to sign Draxler.

What’s next? Who knows, but we’re pretty sure it includes Arsenal, Juventus and PSG.