This is probably not a good week to speak to Arsenal fans about their chances of winning the Premier League.

The Gunners were already having a tough season and had a major setback on Tuesday, with a 2-1 defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers and a direct red card to David Luiz.

Still, ESPN Brasil released today several videos of an interview with the defender, who actually claimed that the London side could still fight for the title.

It isn’t clear if the chat was recorded before or after the Molineux clash, but David Luiz sounds confident the team is good enough to fight for the two competitions they’re still in.

“Now it’s about fighting for the two titles that are still on”, David Luiz told ESPN Brasil.

“Of course, the Premier League has this very distant gap. It’s impossible? No. But knowing our reality. Knowing that we are in a much more difficult reality than the teams that are up there. But also knowing that we play in the most disputed, most difficult league in the world, where 10 points suddenly in a month become one, two or zero. Anything can happen.”

“I think even more after these many changes that the pandemic caused on a physical level, level of change, adaptation and other things. All the clubs are a little messed up and the results can fluctuate in several ways that still give us the awareness that we can also fight for the Premier League. And the Europa League, which is the title that we have to aim for this year, which is the title that is achievable for us.”

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Regarding what still drives him at the age of 33, David Luiz makes it clear he only joined Arsenal to win titles and will continue focused on that. He also claims there’s now an extra reason in his life for him to keep working hard.

“Whatever I lived, I was willing to learn and grow. And I think that this stage, this cycle, is a learning cycle too. I came here the first week saying that I wanted to win titles for this club. Many people laughed and said ‘he’s crazy’ and ‘what is he doing’. Because I knew that with work, things happen. I tried anyway to arrive at the end of the year and be able to live it and I managed to live it.”

“Now, it is about continuing what can be achieved, what must be done. And it’s having that will. As long as I love football, I will continue to play football. As long as I’m in football, I’ll be competitive. As long as I’m competitive, I will think about winning titles, growing, learning and improving. So this stage is a stage where I’m a much older, more experienced guy, but with the same boyish soul and looking to win, be champion and “being champion to see Arsenal fans happy and celebrating.

“Because that’s what gives me oxygen every day to wake up early and run and leave my little girl at home now. Which is the most beautiful thing that happened in my life. Everything is special, everything is no longer for us, no longer for me, everything for her. Everything thinking about her. And it’s undoubtedly the most special moment of my life.”