Following the recent reports that Ruben Amorim is one of the big candidates to replace Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool, the Portuguese press has something to say about it.

A Bola columnist Catarina Pereira starts by highlighting what a great achievement it would be for a coach to leave Sporting for the Reds, as few compatriots of his had the chance to be in charge of big English clubs.

It’s then mentioned how great Amorim’s work at the Lions has been, as he’s ‘given trophies and competitiveness to fans who have been used to waiting decades for it’.

The manager, who led Sporting to a league title in 2021 following a long drought, could do the same this season just before taking a big leap to Liverpool or another European giant.

Pereira also highlights Amorim for his behaviour, saying the coach ‘almost always says the right thing’ when speaking to the media, even in the toughest moments. His communication skills are thought to be key to his success, and it’s stated he also uses humour at the right time to work the media well.

That’s why he’s believed to have the ‘complete image’ that Liverpool would require for anyone who replaces Jurgen Klopp. ‘An idea of the game, a winning mentality, attention to new talents and a high level of speech and attitude’, it’s said.

Despite recent claims from England saying Barcelona are actively working to beat Liverpool to the manager, the Catalan media doesn’t sound so sure about it.

Mundo Deportivo today shares a story saying that even the €15m fee (it’s actually €20m unless Sporting drop it) to take him away from Sporting would be a problem for the Camp Nou side.

There has been Barcelona interest in Amorim, which has also been reported in Portugal, but the club have other targets and their priority right now is convincing Xavi to stay.

So whilst there may be a concern there for Liverpool, it doesn’t look like a big one at this stage.