Last week, ESPN Brasil featured an interview with former Hoffenheim player Rodrigo Costa, who talked about the job made by Ralf Rangnick at the Bundesliga side.

On that occasion, his quotes were about the manager’s job to find new talents in the transfer market, as after his time at Manchester United as a manager, he’s set to have a consultancy role at Old Trafford.

Now ESPN Brasil released another part of the interview, this time with Costa talking about Rangnick’s work when managing his own squad.

The former defender claimed that the coach has always been ‘ahead of his time’, since he’s been applying some concepts that are often used by successful managers now.

“He’s a coach ahead of his time. Before Klopp and Löw stood out, he already had that high-pressing line of thought,” Rodrigo Costa told ESPN Brasil.

“A lot of what I see in Klopp today, Ralf was already doing back then. It was with him that I learned high defending, to press when we lose the ball, triangulations… It’s a lot of commitment all the time.”

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Costa also talked about Rangnick’s relationship with the players, claiming that despite his concern about bringing youngsters in, he also gets along well with the veterans, of which there are a few at Manchester United.

“I believe he won’t have any problems with anyone at United, because he’s always had a good relationship with the players. Ralf is good in the locker room and a friend of athletes.

“The young players listen to him a lot, because they want to learn from a guy who is wise. But I also think he won’t have any problems with the United veterans, because I was one of the oldest players at Hoffenheim myself and we always got along well. I believe he will make an interesting mix of youngsters and veterans.

“He had that energetic style on the field, but outside, he was always very concerned about the athletes. He followed everyone’s family situation. When he finished training, he acted as a manager. He’s very detailed, he even saw minor problems, as in the locker room or kit men. He gives the same attention as Cristiano Ronaldo to the boy from the academy who will join. He wants to know everything about each player and is meticulous.”

Back on speaking of Rangnick’s playing style, Costa highlighted the manager’s demands for ‘vertical’ and ‘beautiful’ football, as Manchester United fans can expect an attacking mentality from him.

“Ralf’s work is not immediate. It’s always medium to long term. Even for that reason, he had given up being a coach and was working more as a director and manager.

“He likes beautiful football. A more vertical but beautiful football. It’s never a sideways game. Rangnick always looks ahead.”