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The wedding of Bastian Schweinsteiger and tennis superstar Ana Ivanovic is huge news in Germany. The former Bayern Munich player was already a national hero before Germany won the World Cup, and after that his status was further underlined.

Schweinsteiger Bild July 13thThere’s been sympathy for how his time at Manchester United hasn’t yet taken off, and despite playing his football in England these days, the midfielder is still one of the biggest stars of the German media.

Schweinsteiger got married on Tuesday to Ivanovic, at a ‘7 star’ hotel in Venice. It’s all over German newspaper Bild, and it must be said the pair look like the perfect couple.

So guess what Schweinsteiger is doing on Wednesday? Getting married again, of course.

Bild report that Schweinsteiger and Ivanovic will go through another ceremony today, this time in church. Partying last night stopped at 2.30am, but Bild reckon there’ll an even bigger celebration tonight.

We wouldn’t usually cover a footballer getting married, but this is the biggest story in Germany right now. Not just the biggest sport story, Bild have it as their website main lead.

It’s that big, the newspaper are even carrying videos of weather forecasts personalised to let fans know if it’ll rain on Basti’s parade.