Federico Fazio is back in the Spanish media this week, after largely disappearing since the end of last season. The Argentine defender went on an ill fated loan to Sevilla from Spurs, and the Spanish club had no intention by the end of making the deal permanent.

It’s very unlikely Fazio has a meaningful future with Tottenham, but he does have a contract with the club until June 2018. Therefore a solution needs to be found which allows Fazio to play regular football, and means Tottenham don’t have to pay his wages.

Catalan newspaper Sport, in their Wednesday edition, say that Espanyol are keen. These aren’t the first claims of interest from Espanyol, and it looks like there’s at least the possibility of a deal.

However, Sport say that Tottenham are asking too high a price for Espanyol to buy Fazio on a permanent transfer. Therefore, the Barcelona club would like a loan on the best possible terms, one which gave them the option of making the deal permanent, should they so wish.

Unfortunately, Sport don’t say what price Tottenham are asking. It’s unclear why Spurs would want to price clubs out of the market for Fazio, given there doesn’t appear to be a rush of interest.

There’s every possibility Tottenham know better and it’s not just Espanyol knocking at the door.