Incoming Tottenham director of football Fabio Paratici held a meeting with Juventus on Wednesday as he sets to work for Spurs.

That’s according to, who say Paratici is ‘close to flying to London’ to finalise his move to Tottenham.

They explain that he was at Juventus’ headquarters in Milan yesterday afternoon, a fact that ‘did not go unnoticed’.

The website learned that Paratici made a visit to the headquarters where his former right-hand man Federico Cherubini, who has replaced Paratici at the club, was also present.

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The nature of the meeting isn’t mentioned, but it is stated that Paratici has ‘already set to work’ on behalf of Tottenham after his farewell press conference for Juventus last Friday.

Again this work isn’t detailed, but CM do posit there could have been talks regarding Harry Kane, who has been linked to Juventus.

That’s just speculation, though, and for the time, Paratici is simply working on Tottenham’s behalf and continues to be based in Milan, a place that is ‘very familiar to him’ and the scene of many a transfer negotiation from his time at Juventus.