When Southampton signed Pierre-Emile Højbjerg in the summer transfer window, it was a shock to some people, many of them Bayern Munich fans. The 21 year old was very highly rated at the German club, which he joined in 2012, but he had a thirst to push his career forward and get games, and that was all too difficult at Bayern.

Rather than another loan, Højbjerg was allowed to leave for Southampton permanently, and he’s already shown reasons to back up the hype. Impressive on the pitch, Højbjerg talks such a good game off it then it has to be nailed on he’ll end up a manager one day.

Denmark’s Bold say FC Copenhagen’s William Kvist, 31 years of age, appreciates Højbjerg’s game and they quote the older player as saying: “I think he does it well. Well, that depends on what you want a central midfielder to do. It can be many different things. I see him a little more a 6-type at the time, but right now he wants to go forward. And he is more than able. He is perhaps the best midfielder we have in the area.

“Therefore, he must be put in a position where he can also get forward. He’s just up there, do his thing and striking at goal. It’s cool, and it provides good energy, he says ‘give me the ball, I want to do something with this.’

Kvist went on to say that he’s able to cover for his younger teammate as he bombs forward, and sounds very happy to play with Højbjerg.