‘Sí o sí’ as you may have guessed is Spanish for ‘yes or yes’ and it’s something used increasingly in transfer rumours from the country.

When a player really wants a move and isn’t prepared to be talked around, it’s said he wants a transfer ‘sí o sí’.

And so, Neymar wants a transfer ‘sí o sí’, he’s fed up already at PSG and the appointment of Thomas Tuchel is said to have gone down badly with the Brazilian.

Real Madrid had long been held aloft as the obvious destination, but Don Balon reckon they’ve cooled down their interest, so that leaves… Manchester United.

Of course, there’s not so many clubs which can be realistically (and even then) linked to Neymar. Real Madrid is one, and perhaps Manchester United the only other.

There’s said to be an offer from Manchester United on the table, which sounds more like a general offer rather than specific £€$, and Neymar ‘especially likes’ the idea of an Old Trafford move.

He’s ‘seduced’ by the idea of getting Manchester United back to the top of world football, and the club, in turn, are said to be looking for a ‘global crack’.

Neymar is also said to be keen on playing for a ‘top coach like Jose Mourinho’, but then that may change if he’s deployed at right back against Brighton. We jest, don’t get angry.

Putting the Don Balonness of this to one side, let us suppose there is interest from both parties, Manchester United would have to be sure Neymar isn’t again using another club on his way to a Real Madrid destiny.