Don Balon love their Manchester City nonsense rumours and one of the most entertaining recently was Pep Guardiola being absolutely determined to sign Sergio Busquets.

One of the funniest parts of their claims was them explaining Guardiola only feels his Manchester City team needs a little tweaking but had asked the club ‘for €200m to try the signing of his ideal player without counting Leo Messi: Sergio Busquets.’

Some tweaking.

Unfortunately, from an entertainment perspective, Don Balon seem to have dropped that now. They claim Guardiola has moved on to someone else, giving up on Busquets and instead going for a player Barcelona also want.

That’s Julian Weigl.

Manchester City would sign the Borussia Dortmund player and then Guardiola would work to make him the ‘best midfielder in the world’.

It’s stated Guardiola did that with Busquets and would now be keen to do the same with 22 year old Weigl.

It’s possible, although crucially not because Don Balon say it is.