The Maxi Gomez situation is a true transfer saga which really hasn’t needed any extra drama adding.

There’s been West Ham officials flying to Spain on private jets, arguments between clubs and agents, other players dragged into the mess, a pendulum which has swung repeatedly between the Hammers and Valencia, and then on Tuesday came the apparent conclusion.

West Ham, faced with Celta Vigo demanding they pay the €50m buyout clause by force, so travelling to Madrid to make a single payment, backed away.

Gomez’s agents then had to find a deal with Valencia, which they did, and all that remained was for the paperwork to be signed.

Well, Super Deporte try to throw some drama in today.

They explain Gomez is ‘lost in the mountains of Uruguay’. It’s ok, he’s simply on holiday with his friends, but hasn’t been able to sign the required legal paperwork.

Los Ches leaders weren’t able to ‘sleep peacefully’ last night, worried that until it’s all signed there’s the possibility of West Ham returning.

It’s unlikely, although given how this soap opera has gone on, it’s a reasonable thing for them to be panicking about.