The Turkish media is showing some worry ahead of Galatasaray’s clash against Manchester United in the Champions League tonight.

Fanatik claims there’s a ‘big concern’ because of the heavy rain in Istanbul, as the weather forecast says that could get more intense during the match.

At this stage, RAMS Park is said to be passable, with no water accumulation so far, so a postponement on the current conditions would be unlikely.

Still, a final inspection is set to take place before the match, and in case the rain increases by then, or does so during the match, the clash between Galatasaray and Manchester United ‘may be in danger’.

The forecast confirms that the rain will continue in Istanbul, and the ground status may encourage UEFA officials to carry out their various tests… such as a ball drop.

Fanatik recalls that since 2016, UEFA only postponed one match due to similar conditions, and that was the game between Manchester City and Borussia Monchengladbach, which was played on the following night.

Manchester United and Galatasaray are both playing to stay alive in the tournament tonight, so that only adds more drama to their situation.