Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Adama Traoré repeatedly causes serious concern to opposition players when he goes on the attack.

The winger stands out mainly due to his explosive pace, power and physicality, and uses all of these to his advantage.

In an attempt to slow him down, he’s explained opponents have the tendency to commit a foul, mostly by grabbing his arms.

While the opposition players were successful at times, the 25-year-old started battling with shoulder injuries. In order to curb it or reduce the number of injuries, the Spain international decided to apply oil before getting on the pitch.

This peculiar change has helped him prevent further injuries and it has also helped him gain an advantage on the pitch.

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“I had problems with my shoulder and there were teams that tried to grab me to make my runs and my game difficult. The games passed and the physios and the doctor decided that we had to find a solution for this problem,” Adama Traoré told DAZN.

“We finally tried the oil and it worked… and it still works!

“There are many defenders who ask me ‘what is it that you have on your arm?’ Because they see in the first actions that they try to grab my arm and it slips. There they realise that I have something on my arm.

“It’s funny, something they don’t foresee and that helps me to prevent an injury.”

Although applying oil has helped Adama Traoré prevent himself from picking more shoulder related injuries, he is yet to convert this advantage into goals and assists this season.