Stefano Sturaro had largely disappeared from the Italian media for a few days which was a nice break, because before then there’d been endless stories linking the Juventus midfielder with half the Premier League.

It’s been going on for months and at various times the favourite in the race has been reported as Newcastle United, Leicester City or West Ham, all taking their turns in a sequence of rumours.

Tuttosport brings it all back on Thursday, claiming that Wolves and West Ham are ‘competing’ to sign the player.

Leicester, Crystal Palace and Newcastle get a mention too, but Wolves and the Hammers have taken a step forward. All the clubs are said to have approached either Juventus or Sturaro’s people about a transfer, and Tuttosport believe he’ll end up in England.

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It feels like the same old, same old.

Carlo Volpi, the player’s agent, said at the beginning of July: “Not just Newcastle on him, but other clubs as well. “Who? Ah, you know, for sure, Wolverhampton and Southampton have had a little thought…”

A transfer fee is still estimated at around €20m.