Wolverhampton Wanders star Diogo Jota has been interviewed by Portuguese newspaper Record this week, and a part of the chat was especially dedicated to Manchester United.

The outlet first mentioned the Red Devils have been one of the clubs who’ve been linked to him, and asked the player if he’d like to follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s footsteps and join Bruno Fernandes at Old Trafford.

“(Laughs) No, to begin with, I am ’18’ and now Bruno Fernandes is also ’18’, so we would soon have a problem,” Diogo Jota told Record.

Then they out the shirt number issue aside, and insisted a little for him to give a serious response.

“Just kidding. It’s always good to see your name linked to clubs with a worldwide dimension, but I also know that this is not the most important thing. Just look at what happened now with this pandemic. It’s important to end the season, do our best and when the transfer market arrives, see if there’s any situation. It would then be studied by me and Wolves.”

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Record also mentioned that Jota scored in Wolverhampton’s 3-2 win against Tottenham Hotspur in London last month, and asked him if instead of José Mourinho, if Nuno Espírito Santo is the new ‘Special One’ these days.

“No, no, I’m not going to get into that discussion. I leave it to the fans. I think that nobody unlearns and Mourinho continues to be an excellent coach, as he used to be for years and years. Of course, in such a long career there are always ups and downs. He will know how to get around this.”

Still talking about the Premier League, Record asked Jota who were the strongest club he’s faced this season, to which he replied Liverpool.