Portuguese newspaper O Jogo hadn’t really given big attention to Ruben Neves’ goal against Derby County this week. We mean, on Thursday, they did have a story about Wolves’ win, and the midfielder’s volley had just been part of that article.

But with the goal getting the coverage of the world media, the outlet from Porto couldn’t ignore all the noise about the local player. So today they give him an entire page saying ‘Neves between Pirlo and Zidane’.

O Jogo recalls that a month ago, Neves was being pointed out as Wolves’ best midfielder ever. Now the comparisions with Pirlo and Zidane have another reason.

The mention of the Frenchman is because of the club fans’ chant, which says ‘he’s Nuno Santo’s man, he’s better than Zidane’. Regarding Pirlo, it has to do with Neves’ celebration, pointing to his head, as a reference of the ex-midfielder’s biography, called ‘I think, therefore I play’.

Yes, it’s a stretch.

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A Wolves fan tweeted to Neves that ‘Pirlo has your posters in his room’, and that also got a mention in the newspaper, of course.

O Jogo also took Gary Lineker’s ‘Wow’ to put in the story, and completed the page with other news about the goal, such as Gary Rowett’s reaction to it.

They are very excited.