Linked to Everton this week, Porto star Yacine Brahimi has been having quite a busy time when it comes to transfer rumours.

Stories about his future have not only been out in Portugal, but also in Turkey, where agents claimed there’s no chance he would play in that league.

But the truth is there’s been some confusion regarding who represents Brahimi, and that’s what newspaper O Jogo is trying to make clear today.

The player’s new agent, Moussa Sissoko, has spoken on the player’s behalf this Thursday, and made it clear he’s the only one authorised to negotiate for the winger in the next transfer window.

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“We have read in the Turkish media in recent days a series of statements by people not authorised to speak on behalf of Yacine Brahimi. They said that there were ‘zero possibilities’ for him to leave for Turkey. In the first place, I would like to reveal that this statement is totally false. Nobody is allowed to talk about the future of the player except I.”

O Jogo also learned that Brahimi hasn’t been affected by the last transfer rumours, and is totally focused on the end of the season with Porto.

There are no news about Everton’s interest this time, and now it’s hard to know if these recent rumours have come from the fake or real agents.

The Toffees have been linked to Brahimi for over a year now, so the fact that they got a mention again could be just an old story being recycled.

It seems we better wait until the transfer window to see if Everton continue to be mentioned as possible contenders.