On Thursday, we covered the Portuguese press’ reaction to Wolverhampton’s win over Derby County, which had some special attention for Ruben Neves’ stunning goal.

But Europe wasn’t enough for that volley, and even the Brazilian media has been bigging it up.

Globo Esporte, which is probably the country’s biggest sports outlet, has a story saying: ‘Hello, Puskas! Portuguese lobs goalkeeper with a bomb and scores a golaço in England’

They call Neves the ‘centre of attention’ in Wolves’ win, then describe the goal and include the video posted by the club earlier today.

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Website Trivela, which usually takes the news in a more poetic way, had not only one, but two stories about the goal.

In one of them, the headline said: ‘There is no superlative to express how impressive this goal is by Ruben Neves’

Trivela says this was ‘the most beautiful goal of the competition and would certainly deserve a place in the final list for the Puskás Award’.

Regarding Wolverhampton’s chance to get promotion against Birmingham City at the Molineux Stadium this weekend, they write that ‘it would be the apotheosis end to a campaign of so many memorable moments’.

Later on, when Wolves posted the goal on their official Twitter account, Trivela had another story saying ‘Ruben Neves’ goal is even more spectacular with the official Wolves commentary’.

This time, sick of the Champions League controversies, they say: ‘In times when the discussions around football were summarizsd as “it was a penalty” and “it was not a penalty”, it’s good to remember the ball rolling. And the goal from Ruben Neves in the Championship, practically sealing the return of Wolverhampton to the elite of English football, deserves the prominence.’

Wolverhampton are gaining fans in Brazil.