Corinthians manager Vitor Pereira was supposed to be just fine with fans and press following the weekend’s draw against São Paulo, which kept his side on top of the Brazilian league table.

It turns out that a strange sentence in his press conference ended up staying in the spotlight in the local media today. That’s him saying he’d like to manage Liverpool.

That affirmation was brought when journalists were asking about the positioning of Roger Guedes. Pereira wanted to say not everyone can do what they want, and that’s when he claimed he wishes to be in charge of the Reds.

“If you ask me, I wanted to coach Liverpool, with all the respect I have for Corinthians. Here it’s not what we want, in my concept, in terms of the game, it’s not what we want, it’s what the team needs,” said the manager in a press conference (via Globo Esporte).

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Well, that didn’t go very well with Corinthians fans, and part of the media were outraged by his quotes. That’s why on UOL, journalist Menon talked about this ‘disrespect’ for the Brazilian club, and claimed that Pereira will never have a job at Liverpool.

“When Vitor Pereira said that he has won many derbies, he mentioned China, Portugal, Greece and Turkey. Minor leagues, classics that can excite a country, but whose repercussion does not cross borders.

“With a resume like that, he will never make it to Liverpool. Never. It was a very unfortunate comparison. Very.”