Richarlison’s father has been interviewed by Brazilian outlet UOL, and talked a little about his relationship with his son.

Antonio Carlos is spending a few days in England with the striker, and managed to watch him play for the Brazilian national team a few weeks ago.

“It’s a dream for us from the family, there are times that I do not believe,” Antonio told Caio Carrieri from UOL. “Watch him play live for the national team is something else, I don’t know how to explain how it is, a joy that does not fit me.”

With all that excitement, Mr. Antonio has a prediction for his son’s success: “He’s still going a long way, I think he’s going to be in the 2022 World Cup and I’ve already predicted: he’s going to be the top scorer.”

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He also claimed that although the striker looks like a grown man when playing in the Premier League, he’s actually just a kid.

“I wonder, ‘what’s going on his head?’ Whoever sees him on the pitch doesn’t say that out of the games he is still a child. He has the mind of a child. Whenever he goes to Nova Venécia he doesn’t stay with his family so much, he stays with the lads, with his childhood friends.”

Formerly an amateur player, Antonio also told UOL the advice he gives to his son: “I mainly talk about shots, he finishes very well, but he finishes little, I’ve already asked him to take more chances, even if he misses, he has to shoot.”

Richarlison has six goals in 12 appearances for Everton so far. In just a few months, he’s already surpassed his record of five goals for Watford in his first season in the Premier League.