Out of the title race, Portuguese side Sporting are now making their plans for next season, starting by choosing the manager they’ll have.

Jorge Jesus has disappointed some fans, but as him staying is not ruled out, he’s been having meetings with president Bruno de Carvalho to discuss his possible future at the club.

One of the guarantees Jorge Jesus wants is to have a top player for each position, plus a good bench. And as reported by Record, Sporting can do that, but they will need to sell someone to make the cash.

CapturarAnd the first one in line is William Carvalho, who, as recalled by Record, is wanted by West Brom.

Selling the player to West Brom would allow the club to invest the money in several other targets. Although the figures are not mentioned this time, Carvalho’s release clause is of €45m, and it’s believed Sporting will demand around €40m.

This is good news for West Brom, since recent reports have said players such as Adrien Silva and Bas Dost would not be for sale. Carvalho’s transfer is treated like a strong possibility, the matter now is finding a deal with the Portuguese club.

It won’t be easy for West Brom to deal with Sporting, and Bruno de Carvalho will want to make it look like he’s ‘won’, whatever the transfer fee would be. If no move happens, then the club president will say it’s because of his strength in the market, and Sporting were never keen on a sale anyway.