Over the past week Tottenham have been linked to Denis Zakaria, thanks to Swiss newspaper Blick. Liverpool are also said to be interested, but the Tottenham claim stands out because Southampton were linked by Blick last year.

Almost exactly a year ago Blick reported that Southampton and Manchester City were ‘very hot’ on Zakaria. RB Leipzig, Bayer Leverkusen, and Napoli were also said to be interested, although the Premier League interest was stated as strongest.

Nothing happened, a transfer didn’t come close, and now with the youngster a year older it’s time to ramp things up again. Since Mauricio Pochettino left Southampton for Tottenham, taking some of the recruiting staff with him, the two clubs have been repeatedly linked with the same players, more often than coincidence could account for.

It would be no surprise if both Tottenham and Southampton have been scouting Zakaria, and his club Young Boys in general, but despite Blick talking it up there doesn’t appear to be a decent chance of a move to England soon.

Several German clubs are linked once again, and that would be a likelier route for Zakaria, who doesn’t appear to be what Tottenham or Southampton need right now.

At just 20 years of age there are serious doubts over whether Zakaria would be ready for the Premier League. The defensive midfielder, who can also play in defence, has 3 Switzerland caps and perhaps expanding on that first could turn what seems like arms-length interest into something more.