When a club places a last minute £30m bid for you on transfer deadline day, you certainly expect to be a semi-regular part of the first-team.

Unfortunately for Moussa Sissoko, that hasn’t been the case at Tottenham, mostly because the performances haven’t been there to backup the amount paid for him.

Spurs fans will agree that the money spent on him could have easily been spent somewhere else, yet Daniel Levy’s decision to shell out such a vast amount on the France international is something both they and Mauricio Pochettino had to live with this season.

With nothing left to play for in the league, the Argentinean manager decided to give the 27-year-old midfielder a full 90 minutes on Thursday night, with Tottenham running away 6-1 winners against Leicester City, yet Sissoko had very little to do with it.

Fans on social media weren’t overly impressed with his performance despite the result, which leaves the player in a rather awkward situation for next season.

Unless something drastically changes at Wembley for the 2017/18 campaign, things are largely going to be the same for him, and Sissoko discussed this with SFR Sport after the game on Thursday night.

He said: “It’s true that I was expecting a lot more minutes this season. Then again, I did arrive in a team that was working really well last year, and again this year with the same XI. I tried to make the most of the time I was given. Of course, I’m disappointed, but the manager has choices to make and I have to respect them.

“For me, what’s most important is the team. We had a good year, we finished second. There’s the game against Hull next, the France squad, and then I’ll have time to think, to ask myself the right questions and we’ll see then. We’ll have to see what’s best for me and try to make a choice. Next year is a World Cup year.”

Whether or not this means a permanent transfer away from Tottenham, or just a loan, remains to be seen, but a move away, at this stage, certainly seems like a logical option.