Italian side Bari have been praised for their decision to sign goalkeeper Elia Caprile from Leeds United last summer, with the move proving to be an extremely smart one.

Tutto Frosinone cover the player and fellow goalkeeper Stefano Turati today, explaining that the potential is ‘evident’ with both players and their respective performances this season are proving as much.

They’ve both been starring in Serie B this season, with Caprile at Bari at Frosinone, and both are expected to be shining for Italy sooner rather than later.

Bari in particular deserve a ‘well done’ and pat on the back for securing Caprile from Leeds ahead of plenty of competition, including Frosinone.

He returned after two years with Leeds ‘more charged than ever’ thanks to a spell under Marcelo Bielsa that has helped to form him ‘professionally and humanly’.

The deal has proven to be a superb piece of business and his performances in Serie B this season have already ‘earned him the interest’ of football market operators and a call-up to the Italian Under-21 team.

He is a goalkeeper who is ‘reactive, agile but also skilful with his feet’, all big plus points that have seemingly set him up for a career that will be ‘full of satisfaction’.

He’ll have to keep getting appearances and developing if that is to be the case, of course, but the ‘path of maturation’ he’s been on this season suggests a bright future ahead.

As far as they’re concerned in Italy, Bari deserve praise for securing his services and being a part of his journey.

Leeds, meanwhile, may be feeling a little disappointed they lost him, but will likely cheer themselves right back up when he gets sold on, as they included a clause to receive 50% of a future transfer when they sold him to the Serie B side.