Sebastian Prodl’s almost complete lack of football at Watford is something which comes up every time he’s interviewed on international duty.

And given he’s one of Austria’s senior players, that happens quite a lot.

Laola1, one of the major news sources in Austria,  have a headline reading: ‘Sebastian Prodl: It’s not time for a Brexit’

This isn’t the Watford player getting all political and using his platform to try and talk down a UK exit from the European Union, he’s decided that leaving Watford would be his own personal Brexit.

The defender is quoted as saying: “I’m pretty sure that the situation as it is now will not be like that in a few months. 

“You go through 100 scenarios in your head, but it breaks down always to the same thing: Why should I engage in a Brexit, if I’m convinced that in this team I still have an important part. If I were going to engage in a Brexit, I would already give myself the excuse to say that in winter it will be over, I wouldn’t push, I could no longer represent any value in the national team.

“Furthermore, I would worsen my position if there was a Brexit because I would not be fit and prepared, so I am only concerned with the here and now and I am convinced that I will continue to play a role at Watford.”

Prodl has no intention of giving up on his Watford career and whilst he clearly feels he should be in the team soon, he’s very respectful of those getting the nod under Javi Gracia and took time to praise Craig Cathcart: “A good player, he plays differently from the British style known to the Northern Irish, and plays an important role at Watford, as well as being a leader. He obviously also plays this role for Northern Ireland and he is certainly one of the pillars of this team.”

Not being called up to Watford’s squads, Prodl is taking the time to relax and spend time with his recently born daughter.