The Spanish press continues to provide updates on Real Zaragoza’s efforts to keep Luis Suarez for a little longer.

Things don’t seem very good for the La Liga side, because according to El Heraldo, Watford continue being tough in talks.

Suarez’s loan spell expires on Wednesday, and Real Zaragoza only needed him for two more weeks so he could feature in the play-offs for a spot in the first division.

The report says the Hornets continue to say no to the request. This has been their answer for days now, and there’s been no change in their stance.

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El Heraldo says the Real Zaragoza president Christian Lapreta has spoken to Watford in the past few hours, but the response continues to be the same as from the past week.

It’s believed that the Hornets want Luis Suarez to rest, since the Championship season kicks off in about a month. The striker scored 19 goals for Real Zaragoza in the competition, and was considered to be one of their most important weapons to clinch a place in the first division.