Manchester United only want cash for Romelu Lukaku, they said.

They don’t want any players as part of a deal with Inter, they said.

What they (the Italian media) are also saying is that the Red Devils wouldn’t mind a centre-back.

“You want Lukaku, so give us Skriniar” is how Corriere dello Sport open their article on the Belgian’s future on Wednesday, explaining that line was Manchester United’s ‘latest response’ to Inter’s requests.

So far, the Italians have tried the Mauro Icardi swap idea (turned down) followed by Ivan Perisic + money, which didn’t go down that well either.

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That’s why Manchester United feel Milan Skriniar is the only one worth trading for, but there’s the slight issue of the Slovakian not wanting to leave Inter this summer and Inter not wanting to lose the Slovakian.

So, we’re back to Icardi, and if the Red Devils don’t want him (if Lukaku doesn’t fit in Solskjaer’s plans, then where on earth would the Argentine?), then the Serie A side will need to find some other way of getting the money.

If all this wasn’t enough, there’s also the slight issue of the former Sampdoria star not wanting to leave Inter, just like Skriniar.

As you can see, nothing is going to plan for either Manchester United, Romelu Lukaku or the Serie A side, and when plans don’t work out, transfer don’t take place.