Liverpool midfielder Fabinho is one of the many Brazilian players unable to join the national team in the last international break due to Covid restrictions. People in South America are still talking about it, as new international games are taking place next month.

So even after Liverpool’s 3-2 win over Milan for the Champions League last night, the player was asked to bring the latest updates on it. The 27-year-old gave an interview to TNT Sports and claimed he wants to travel this time.

“Unfortunately, for some reasons, we weren’t able to be present at the last call,” Fabinho told TNT Sports.

“But after this threat from FIFA to punish the clubs, punish the players from being away for five days, I think it was important that they understood each other and let us play. I think the relationship between club and national team is good. Then there are other things that involve, which are government, competition. And these are things that we often don’t know about.”

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Fabinho says national team director Juninho is the one who keeps in touch with the players, and makes it clear that the relationship between them all is going fine.

“Regarding communication with the national team, the one who had more contact with Juninho was Alisson. So he talked a lot with Juninho and passed it on to Firmino and me. I talked a little with Juninho too.”

“Because we want there to be a solution, so that we can travel and come back without any problems. We can play with the team that is our desire too. So it seems that the relationship between club and national team is very good and I hope it stays that way.”

According to a report from Globo Esporte, even though Brazil’s next call-up will be done on Friday, people still won’t get to know the names on the list immediately.

Manager Tite is expected to communicate the squad to FIFA and only reveal it to press and fans on the 24th of September.

This is rather unusual, and probably has something to do with all the recent controversies.