Some people may have not even noticed, but Victor Valdes had a short spell as a coach at Barcelona. He took charge of the club’s U19 level in the summer, and left the job three months later.

His departure from the club wasn’t very friendly, since he believed that the board was interfering too much in his work, and felt like he wasn’t needed there.

Now Barcelona’s U19 side are preparing to face Slavia Prague for the UEFA Youth League, and it turns out that new manager, Franc Artiga, may not be able to sit on the bench.

That’s because according to Catalunya Radio (via Marca) today, Valdes may have left the club, but he didn’t sign the cancellation of his contract.

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With the lack of official documentation, Barcelona are unable to promote Franc Artiga to the U19 side and have to wait 30 days. That means Alberto Encinas, who was already part of the staff, will have to be in charge in Prague, and should have the job until the situation is resolved.