Tottenham Hotspur star Lucas Moura has been interviewed by ESPN Brasil after the 2-1 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield this weekend.

The Brazilian has claimed that Spurs should’ve remained calm after opening the score, and still praised the team’s ‘dedication’ during the game.

With the Spurs now on the 11th place on the table, speculations around the team’s bad form have started to rise, with people questioning if there are any other problems affecting the them on the pitch.

Lucas Moura was asked about the atmosphere in the club’s dressing room, especially since there were rumours about players who wanted to leave in the summer. He’s denied all of it.

“Inside the locker room, there’s nothing. The locker room is normal, the atmosphere has always been very good, the group is very united”, Lucas Moura told ESPN Brasil’s João Castelo Branco.

“This matter of speculation about any player wanting to quit is hard to answer. I think it’s personal for each one. I know nothing was leaked in the locker room, nobody said anything about wanting to leave. I think the atmosphere is very good.”

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“The proof that the atmosphere is good was the good game we played today, the last game was very good in the Champions League, now we were able to play against Liverpool. Of course, the moment isn’t the best, the last irregular results, but it’s part of football. We have to stay together and focus on working to reverse this situation. ”

Tottenham now have a week to prepare for their game against Everton at the Goodison Park on the next Sunday. After that, Mauricio Pochettino’s side are flying to Serbia, where they face Red Star for the Champions League’s group stage.