It seems that the relationship between Watford and Fluminense is indeed very good, with the Hornets helping the Brazilian side lately.

The clubs have recently negotiated the transfer of two players: Richarlison, who made the move in 2017, and now João Pedro, who was bought in December 2018 and should move in January 2020.

Watford paid €2.5m to buy João Pedro, and left another €7.5m in pending performance bonuses to be paid at the time of the transfer.

But as reported by Globo Esporte, due to Fluminense’s financial problems, the Hornets have been anticipating some of these payments.

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The outlet explains that after each match where João Pedro plays for at least 45 minutes, Fluminense get a credit of €100k. They only achieve the bonus once it gets to a total of €1m.

All the bonuses were supposed to be paid next year, but the club had already asked Watford for the first payment in June, and now the second one has been paid as well.

Fluminense haven’t paid salaries for a while, and the early money comes as great help.

Globo Esporte explains that these performance bonuses for Fluminense could reach €4m. Then there’s aother €1.5m in case he gets a work permit, and two bonuses of €1m in performance goals once he starts playing for Watford.

Added to the €2.5m paid for the transfer, the bonuses can make the move cost up to €10m.