While Tottenham did walk away from a win against Lokomotiv Plovdiv on Thursday night, it wasn’t the prettiest of displays.

José Mourinho’s men only scored after the Bulgarian side had two players sent off, and their struggles when it came to finding the back of the net were once again on display.

The need for a Harry Kane alternative has never been so apparent, which is why the Premier League side are currently trying to find the right man for the job.

Many names have been touted, including one, according to Mohamed Bouhafsi on RMC Sport, at Reims in France, albeit a very young one.

On his new show on BFMTV, Top of the Foot, the journalist was joined on the phone by Jean-Pierre Caillot, the Ligue 1 side’s president, to whom he asked a question about the future of El Bilal Touré.

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The 18-year-old is allegedly highly sought after, with clubs such as Marseille and Tottenham after him, and Bouhafsi named the two when asking if the Mali U23 international had an ‘exit pass’ this summer.

Caillot replied: “It’s logical that this kid, who’s just turned 18, who’s exciting all the radars in Europe, means we’re being contacted. We’ve been contacted from France, notably by Marseille. There are no talks because this kid, who we brought in in January, has barely played six months because of Covid.

“There’s no way a player who joined us six months ago would leave because he’s played well. Anyone can contact us but this player will be with Stade de Reims this season. He doesn’t have an exit pass”.

Spurs have been warned if they want Touré: they will have to wait.