Denmark, stop it.

Yes, we know how much the country would love to see Christian Eriksen at Barcelona or Real Madrid but that doesn’t justify the constant stream of claims from the Danish media.

Barcelona do well: Well, wouldn’t it be a great transfer for Eriksen.

Barcelona do badly: Well, that’s a clear sign they could be going for Eriksen soon.

We like the Danish sport media, they’re generally very good, but this is an itch they’ll be scratching until the time Eriksen leaves Tottenham or he retires from the game.

In a full page Thursday article, BT say Barcelona’s Champions League exit ‘can open the door for Eriksen’.

The Tottenham player ‘could be a very hot topic for Barcelona’, it’s explained, before BT add, and to be fair this isn’t usual, that their according to their own information: ‘Barcelona’s President Josep Bartomeu has identified the Danish national player as a possible goal in the summer transfer window, and he describes the Dane internally as ‘particularly interesting’ for the Catalan big club.’

With Andres Iniesta expected to leave this summer, Barcelona need to fill the hole left, and Christian Eriksen could be that man, according to the Danish claims.

But wasn’t Philippe Coutinho that man?

Albert Masnou, of Catalan newspaper Sport is quoted as saying: “He is a very good player, who FC Barcelona has looked at many times. I do not know if he is ready for a top club and don’t know the price either. Right now, it is difficult to say whether they can buy him. But this summer it may be different.”

Luna Christofi, who follows Spanish football for Denmark’s TV3, adds: “The fact is that if you listen to Mundo Deportivo’s editor, whom I personally know, Barcelona follow Eriksen closely. Sports manager Robert Fernandez has followed him for a long time both in the Premier League and in European competition, where they saw him in the Champions League group matches against Real Madrid.”

But, despite this, the reality is that when Sport and Mundo Deportivo are targeting transfers, which they do pretty much every day, the Tottenham player hardly ever gets a mention. Perhaps they’re keeping it a secret, only telling the Danish media and not their own readers.

Barcelona having a general interest in Eriksen is understandable but, up to now, it’s never felt like it’s gone beyond that. Maybe this summer will be different and Tottenham will get that dreaded knock on the door, the Danish media would certainly be thrilled.