Juan Foyth to Tottenham may actually be happening.

Starting off as a rumour from South America, it’s understandable if Spurs fans thought it would slip away quickly without a trace.

The player talking about a possible transfer has made everything a little more real, and a Tottenham transfer feel likelier, and there’s another advance on Sunday.

Argentina’s Diario Hoy report that Foyth to Tottenham is now in its ‘final stages’. Diario Hoy received that information from sources who spoke to Juan Sebastián Verón last night, the Estudiantes president who has spent the past few days trying to close a deal.

It’s stated the next step is for the player’s representatives and family to hold a meeting and agree to the terms offered by Tottenham.

On Foyth’s side there’s also ‘pending a series of personal procedures linked to the documentation required to play in Europe’, which may be related to an EU passport, which many young South American footballers use as a route to Europe.

Estudiantes have been the needier party in all of this, wanting the money to pay pressing debts and avoid sanctions from the AFA. Therefore, it can’t be ruled that Tottenham will use that situation as leverage and drop their offer, if they’ve made one, at the last minute.

Spurs fans wouldn’t expect any less, right?