Last weekend, Portuguese newspaper Diário de Notícias had a story saying that Tottenham Hotspur could be a possible destination for Alex Grimaldo from Benfica.

The Eagles aren’t happy with the left-back’s performances and constant injuries, and when looking for clubs who would like to sign him in January, the Spurs were named alongside Napoli.

We obviously covered the story, and a few other English outlets did the same, all crediting Diário de Notícias. But as often happens with the Portuguese press, the rumour has started to snowball.

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That’s because A Bola are reporting the same story today, but when crediting who originally writed it, they say it was the English press.

This is a usual way for them not to credit the competition, but it makes things bigger than they are, as when a reader sees that the rumour comes from England, it may sound stronger than it actually is.

Grimaldo has shown potential in the past and we wouldn’t doubt that the Spurs would have a shot at signing him. But let’s take it easy, as there’s been only one original report so far.