Adama Traore’s potential move from Wolverhampton Wanderers to Tottenham could be ‘blown out of the water’ over a disagreement on how the deal goes through.

That’s according to AS, who provide a lowdown on the potential transfer and how it could collapse in on itself.

They say that a few days ago, it seemed that the move from Wolves to Tottenham was ‘imminent’, but negotiations have now ‘stalled’.

Both clubs have ‘reached an agreement on the final price’ of the operation, but the problem lies with how it would go through.

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Tottenham would like to sign Traore on loan with a compulsory purchase option of €46m, but Wolves aren’t all that keen on that and would prefer a straight-up transfer for the same price.

That is the ‘fine line’ the current negotiation currently rests on, and is there a worry the whole thing ‘could break down at any moment.’

Traore is an ‘express request’ from Nuno Espírito Santo, who has been ‘in love’ with Adama after coaching him for a couple of seasons at Wolves.

There are still six days left of the window to get the deal done, so ‘anything can happen’, but at the moment, both clubs need to find a middle ground if this deal is to go through.