Don Balon are all over the place on transfers, talking them down and up, ruling things out and then in.

But if there’s one thing they’re a little more consistent on than others it’s Harry Kane and the Tottenham star not moving to Real Madrid this summer.

Florentino Perez is facing pain on the Kane track it’s explained, because he doesn’t want to know anything about a move to Real Madrid.

Don Balon obviously have to go further with their reasoning, claiming Kane is ‘tired’ of waiting for Real Madrid to put together a real approach, and would only be interested if he was the only player they wanted, rather than one of several options.

For this reason he now ‘prefers not to know anything’ about a potential Madrid move. Whilst Robert Lewandowski is happy to flirt, Kane is doing the opposite and is said to know what he’s got at Tottenham is special.

Don Balon round it off with ‘Barring drastic changes in events, Kane will not play at Real Madrid next season.’

Ok, it’s Don Balon, but it carries on the theme of the Spanish media doing the opposite of talking up a move for the Tottenham player. The cost, a general fear of Daniel Levy, and the feeling Kane isn’t bothered anyway is something which is continually hinted at.

A calm summer on the Kane front then.