Not that we want to worry Tottenham fans too much, but there’s little articles popping up around Belgium which are casting doubt on Mousa Dembele’s future at the club.

This has all been encouraged by claims of Juventus interest, which, in all honesty, don’t really seem to have too much in them at this stage.

It’s not something Turin newspaper Tuttosport is going overboard on at the moment, and if something was happening, even in the very initial stages, then they’d be all over it.

Earlier today we covered an article from Belgian newspaper DH which explained there’s a difference between Dembele and Spurs over when talks will happen.

Another Belgian newspaper, Het Belang van Limburg, have their own take. Juventus interest is covered, but nothing new added, and it’s stated Dembele and Tottenham have agreed to hold talks on a renewal in the summer.

If there’s no agreement, HBVL reckon Tottenham will then look for a sale.

Toby Alderweireld gets a mention, and it’s stated Dembele doesn’t want to end up in the same situation as the defender, being kept out of the team due to a contract disagreement.

And it’s got to be almost certain that the drama with Alderweireld is encouraging the Belgian media to make a drama out of Dembele.