Espanyol specialists La Grada have covered Tottenham Hotspur’s €2m offer for Pau Lopez. Of course, the offer has been rejected and is far away from what Espanyol want.

Earlier in the season there had been claims Tottenham wanted to go as low as €3m, and had informed Espanyol of such. That offer was described as ‘miserly compared to the player’s value’.

At the time an Espanyol director was quoted as saying: “I know that Pau Lopez is happy, we do not hear from Tottenham; They know what they have to do, they have to pay seven million and if so he will not be an Espanyol player. The option will not be lowered.”

That stance has changed, with La Grada and others reporting Espanyol will come down from the previously agreed €7m. However, La Grada say the Spanish side won’t accept €2m.

It may take some believing to accept that Tottenham first tried with €3m and then returned with €2m, but it’s one way of showing strength in negotiations, so can’t be entirely ruled out.

La Grada believe an agreement will be found ‘sooner or later’ and hope ‘the agreement is for much close to the €7m’.

Espanyol may have expected they’d have a cordial and respectful relationship with Tottenham, given the Mauricio Pochettino connection, but maybe they’re starting to change that thought.