Over the past few months, we’ve covered some pretty wild claims about Ivan Perisic and a potential transfer to Manchester United, nearly all coming from Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Italian newspaper have been pushing the potential transfer for some time now, claiming José Mourinho was prepared to slam €60m on the table in order to get a deal done, even if that sounded a bit ridiculous.

The reaction from Manchester United fans to these claims was predictable, as paying such a large sum of money on a 28-year-old isn’t necessarily seen as a wise investment, but Gazzetta on Wednesday seem to be in a more reasonable mood with their latest update on the situation.


Joining the Red Devils in the race for the Croatia international are Paris Saint-Germain, and they’re getting a bit of preferential treatment, as Piero Ausilio, Inter Milan’s director of football is seeing them first.

The reason for that? The Serie A club are interested in a few PSG players, while none in Manchester United’s squad tickle their fancy.

The Italian director has, according to Gazzetta, already set off on a trip that will see him go to London after his meeting with the current Ligue 1 champions.

Wanting to make a healthy profit on one of their more valuable assets, Inter Milan are said to be asking for somewhere in between €55-60m for Perisic’s services, but Mourinho isn’t THAT keen on him.

While Manchester United’s interest is indeed real, spending that much money on Perisic isn’t an option, with the Premier League side ready to start things off at around €40m.

That is a bit more reasonable for a player who has scored 10 goals and provided eight assists in a frankly rather poor Inter Milan side this season, and with three years left on his contract, the Serie A side were never going to let him go on the cheap.

If Paris Saint-Germain agree to let one of Marquinhos, Angel Di Maria or Grzegorz Krychowiak be included as part of their deal for Perisic, however, things could get a bit trickier for José Mourinho.

Let’s see what happens by the end of the week, shall we?