Kieran Trippier moving from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid is so advanced, report Marca, that there’s even a possibility he could train with them at 5.30pm today.

The chance ‘remains in the air’, as the Spanish newspaper explain the fullback has passed his medical to move to the La Liga club, and there’s not thought to be any problem between the two clubs.

The transfer will become official later, according to Marca, when the lawyers have done their bit and completed the paperwork.

Once that’s finalised, Tripper will travel to Atletico’s camp at Los Angeles de San Rafael and join up with his new teammates.

Given the training session is around an hour away from now, it does seem a bit of a stretch to suggest it’s possible. In the worst case scenario, the player could suffer an injury which calls the whole thing off, so surely Tottenham would want the paperwork completely done and checked before he tries any exertion.