A few weeks ago Arsenal and Tottenham were dragged into an alleged race to sign Andre Gomes.

The Portuguese midfielder has had a poor first season at Barcelona, and his stock at the moment is relatively low. Despite that, the Catalan press insist there’s widespread interest in signing Gomes, and the Premier League clubs were added to the list.

We covered the original Mundo Deportivo claims, and said at the time:

‘So where do Tottenham and Arsenal come into this? Well, the Catalan media report Barcelona have received three ‘interesting’ offers for Gomes, with the €35m figure being passed around.

Mundo Deportivo report the main two suspects are Juventus and Manchester United again, but they then add: ‘The other could be Arsenal or Tottenham.’

There’s zero explanation for mentioning Tottenham and Arsenal, although it is stated the third club is expected to be from the Premier League. As easily as plucking out Tottenham and Arsenal, one could choose Liverpool and Everton, West Ham and Crystal Palace… it’s quite odd.’

On Monday the same newspaper looks at the situation again, suggesting that Gomes could be used as bait to sign Marco Verratti from PSG. The French club would presumably know Gomes has been a flop, but that doesn’t hold back Mundo Deportivo, who again use Tottenham and Arsenal to suggest otherwise.

‘Juventus, Manchester United and another club, Arsenal or Tottenham, could seek him.’

Barcelona have, according to the report, already turned down at least one offer of €35m, which was perhaps ill advised.

This situation doesn’t look to have anything to do with either Arsenal or Tottenham, with Mundo Deportivo dragging them in to help up the drama, and the pretence that Andre Gomes is much wanted around Europe’s premier clubs.

There should be only one formula for Barcelona to buy Verratti, and that involves offering €100m+, nothing else really cuts it.