Lanús manager Luis Zubeldía has been interviewed by Argentine outlet Telam this week, speaking about his entire career as a coach.

It turns out that many times, the 38-year-old has mentioned the name of Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa, who he considers to be an idol for him.

Asked about this admiration, Zubeldía said: “Bielsa is the most influential person for me and I think in all the coaches of Argentine football.”

“And he must be in the top ten in the world in terms of influence. Everyone who saw his work had the chance to talk to him or be managed by him will tell you this.”

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As he continued to praise the manager, he’s claimed that Bielsa is ‘light years’ ahead of other coaches.

“We cannot not acknowledge a person who gave himself to the profession to the fullest. The majority are light years away from what he is as a coach because he meets many conditions, which is very difficult in one person, and that’s a pride.”

Marcelo Bielsa hasn’t worked in Argentina since his departure from the national team in 2005, and it’s impressive how his name is still often mentioned in the local press.

Besides the big coverage that the outlets make of his latest jobs, there’s always an interview with players or managers where they end up mentioning him, and it’s always this part of the chat which goes to the headlines.

Bielsa and Leeds United are currently second in the Championship, as they fight for promotion to the Premier League once again this season.