Late last week, a bit out of nowhere, the idea that Everton could make a move for Alex Meret became a thing.

It was launched by Corriere dello Sport, who explained the young goalkeeper, currently at Napoli, had a great admirer in Carlo Ancelotti.

While Everton already have a well-established goalkeeping hierarchy at Goodison Park, the various issues encountered by Jordan Pickford over the years have made him potentially replaceable if the right man becomes available.

Meret could be that man, and Gazzetta dello Sport add a bit of fuel to the fire on Monday by looking at what the future holds for the 23-year-old.

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The newspaper explain that Napoli are currently looking to extend David Opsina’s contract in the south of Italy, and that ‘doesn’t relax Alex Meret’.

It’s made clear the young goalkeeper ‘has presented his ambition to play as a starter’, and ‘there’s no escaping the feeling with Ancelotti, who could call him to Everton’.

Furthermore, Gazzetta give us a little pie chart telling us there is a 30% chance of seeing Meret at Goodison Park next season, with another 30% sending him elsewhere and the remaining 40% being him staying put.

So, the situation does open the door to a move, but no figures have been mentioned just yet.

When they do, we’ll let you know.