Borussia Dortmund won’t have been thrilled to have drawn Manchester City in the Champions League last week, and they’re very much the underdogs going into the matches.

Any chance of the Germans progressing is likely to revolve around Erling Haaland, and it was also hoped they’d have Jadon Sancho back for the big games.

Sancho left Manchester City in 2017 to try his luck in the Bundesliga with BVB. That move has worked out superbly for the 20-year-old, and despite some issues this season he’s already scored 12 goals and provided 16 assists.

That includes two goals and three assists in six Champions League matches.

Unfortunately, there’s a reasonable chance Sancho won’t be able to help his club at all when they face Manchester City. Ruhr Nachrichten, the local newspaper for the German club, report that Dortmund are ‘very worried’ about a recent injury and believe the player will be out for longer than initially feared.

According to the report, Sancho’s issue is muscles in his right thigh and he’s consulted a specialist for a second opinion and to find the route forward.

The player ‘would love’ to face Manchester City, but will only be able to take part in the first match on April 6th if the ‘healing process is ideal’. That’s thought to be an overly optimistic prospect, and the more realistic hope is trying to get him ready for the second match on April 14th.