Carlos Carvalhal has always been a big football character, and his arrival to the Premier League has only been making his personality more known.

Back in the days when he was manager of Sheffield Wednesday, the Portuguese media always had stories showing the good relationship he had with local fans and community.

Now at Swansea City, the manager’s quotes are getting quite big coverage from European outlets. Every time Carvalhal says something funny, it makes it to a headline in Portuguese newspapers. But now it’s reaching some other countries as well.

Today, Spanish outlet Marca has a big article mentioning all the metaphors used by Carvalhal in his interviews before and after Swansea City games.

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Marca picks the best three to be highlighted, which are: “After Scoring the two goals, we closed the house. We closed the doors. We closed the windows”, “we win matches putting all the meat on the barbecue”, and finally, “sometimes you dance to the music your opponents give out to you, but today, we put out our own music, it was rock and roll in the stadium.”

To finish their story, Marca write: “Metaphors and analogies aside, Carvalhal has managed to resurrect a Swansea that seemed destined to fall to the Championship in December. When he arrived nobody gave a chance for him or for the team, but the passing of time has allowed him to open a well-deserved space among the best managers of the Premier League. Live the rock and roll!”

People love Carlos Carvalhal.