Real Madrid links with Sandro have been taken as little more than a sideshow in Spain, with a tiny bit of seriousness given to them because nobody knows what Florentino Perez could do, if only to wind up Barcelona and Atletico.

As Spain’s U21 tournament comes to an end, with the final against Germany on Friday evening, Sandro’s future is becoming more pressing.

Diario Sur believe things will be defined ‘surely no later than Monday’, with the ‘probability’ being that Sandro will be joining Everton.

Before the Real Madrid rumours it had been suggested Everton already have their deal agreed and are waiting for the end of the tournament to announce it, but the longer things went on the more doubt there would be.

Diario Sur say the Atletico Madrid idea still hovers around, despite the difficulties of such a move, with the rojiblancos only able to register players from January onwards.

The newspaper also focuses on Sandro’s different role with the U21s, being less at the forefront than he is with Malaga, and having to drop deeper to get the ball. He hasn’t been one of the stars of the tournament so far, which may well be good news for Everton.