After a week or so of dead silence on the Wojciech Szczesny to Juventus situation, Gazzetta dello Sport bring it back to life with an update on Thursday.

The situation largely remains the same: Arsenal want around €15m for the Poland international, who has just had a very good season with Roma, while Juventus, who see him as Gianluigi’s successor, only want to pay €5m.


That’s a €10m difference, and the Serie A champions aren’t prepared to up their offer by that much, mostly because Szczesny only has one year left on his deal.

What is being reported, however, is that both teams could find a middle-ground to ensure the deal happens, with the Italian newspaper estimating that to be around €8m.

Juventus have also offered the Gunners’ goalkeeper a €4.5m/year contract (around £76k/week), which he’s already agreed to.

In the meantime, the Champions League finalists are trying to sort out the sale of Neto to Valencia, hoping to get around €10m for him, and probably use that money to help fund the rest of the Szczesny transfer.