Donny van de Beek has been restricted to only four league starts, and two of them came in the last three matches, when Manchester United had already qualified for the Champions League.

Ajax legend Sjaak Swart believes the 24-year-old would be well suited at Liverpool or Bayern Munich, and he could imagine a move there happening.

Speaking to Veronica Inside, Swart has discussed the Netherlands international’s situation at United.

“He played really great at Ajax, until he left. He was ready for abroad. But at United they have 8 or 9 midfielders, and you have to intervene, then it takes time,” Swart said, as quoted by

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“That is a choice [about his future] he has to make himself, whether he feels like he needs to leave. I am not worried about him.”

Van de Beek’s compatriot Georginio Wijnaldum has confirmed his decision to leave the Merseyside club and the Reds could bring in a new player to replace the former Newcastle United man.

When talking about where Van de Beek should move next or which club could suit him the best, Swart mentions Jürgen Klopp’s side and Bayern Munich.

“He would fit right in with other clubs. If I look at Liverpool and Wijnaldum is leaving now, he will be a wonderful replacement. Or for Thomas Müller, at Bayern Munich,” he added.