What was once a deal seemingly close to be completed now looks like a distant dream for Manchester United fans.

We aren’t talking about Bruno Fernandes, don’t worry, but the exit of Ashley Young, once top of the list at Inter to help in the full-back position.

However, there were continuous delays, as the Italians didn’t want to pay Manchester United money for the veteran, while the Premier League side wanted some compensation, albeit minimal, for a player who still had six months on his contract.

This lack of desire to compromise seemingly pushed Inter to move down their list, and it appears that a swap deal between Roma’s Leonardo Spinazzola and Matteo Politano is on the verge of being completed.

The arrival of the 26-year-old right-winger in Rome is there to compensate for the injury sustained by Nicolo Zaniolo at the weekend, while the full-back fills a much needed hole for Inter down the left hand side of the defence.

Gazzetta dello Sport on Wednesday explain this swap deal, which was all but agreed on Tuesday, has caused a ’strong slowing down’ in one for Ashley Young.

That being said, it’s not completely dead in the water, as Inter ‘don’t exclude reopening it at the last minute’ in case of another exit before the end of the month.

We know it’s not what you really wanted to hear, but that’s how the transfer market works.

It seems Nicolo Zaniolo’s injury forced Roma into getting Politano, and Spinazzola ended up being the counterpart needed to get the deal over the line.